Welcome to the Town of Sampson!    

The Town of Sampson is located in the northwest section of Chippewa County, in the 54757-zip code of New Auburn, Wis. The township is made up of approximately 41,336 acres of land and water. Of those acres, 8,862 are classified as agricultural land and 9,364 acres are forest land. There are over 3,574 acres in DNR Managed Forest Land Programs. The remainder of the land is considered residential, manufacturing, and commercial. Residents enjoy fishing and the recreational use of more than 30 beautiful lakes in the township.

The State of Wisconsin owns 4,030 acres of the township land, most of which is the serene Chippewa Moraine State Recreation Area on County Highway M. The David R. Obey Interpretive Ice Age Center at the park offers many hands-on and interactive educational activities for all ages. Trailheads for miles of hiking start from the center, and access to the Ice Age National Scenic Trail begins just 30 steps from the front door.

Chippewa County owns more than 5,826 acres of township land that is used for hunting and recreation.

As of January 1, 2022, the U. S. Census states that the permanent population of the Town of Sampson is 985. In the summer, this population increases dramatically as many people from the neighboring cities and states have seasonal homes in the area.

The township has a total of 91 miles of roads. The township is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of 72 (78%) of those miles, and the Chippewa County Highway Department is responsible for the other 19 miles.

Local Government

The Sampson Town Board meets on the second Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at the Town Hall. The Board consists of three elected board members and an appointed Clerk/Treasurer. Meeting notices are posted at the Town Hall, in the Bloomer Advance the week before the meeting and at the town website at www.tn.sampson.wi.gov. Meeting notices are posted at least three days in advance and the public is always encouraged to attend town meetings.

The Town Hall is the only polling place in the township. Residents must register prior to voting but can do so on Election Day. Property tax bills are sent out in the first week of December.

Fire Protection and First Responder Medical Service is provided for the township by the New Auburn Area Fire Department. The Fire Department is comprised of dedicated volunteers in the New Auburn area. The township is a member of the Fire Department and has two representatives on its Board of Directors. Ambulance and medical services are provided by the Bloomer Community Ambulance Service. This service is manned by volunteers from the City of Bloomer.