Garbage and Recycling

Recycling Center Guidelines

It is mandatory for residents of Chippewa County to recycle! Town pays for costs associated with recycling.

The Bloomer Recycling Center

407 26th Ave.
Bloomer, WI
(715) 568-1803

Recycling Center Hours

Monday and Friday: 9 am – 3 pm

Wednesday: 4 pm – 7 pm

Saturday: 8 am – noon

Closed Holidays

Newspapers & Phone Books

  • Newspaper, phone books, and similar materials.
  • Bundle newspaper and tie with string or place in paper grocery sacks.
  • Shiny inserts may be included

Magazines, Catalogs, & Office Paper

  • Magazines and office paper are accepted but must be kept separate from each other.(Catalogs may be included with magazines.)
  • Corrugated Cardboard and Paper Grocery Bags
  • Flatten boxes
  • No gray paperboard boxes, cereal boxes, milk cartoons, pizza boxes, soda cases, etc.

Glass and Bottles & Jars

  • Do not break jars or bottles.
  • Remove caps and metal rings.
  • Labels may be left on.
  • No window glass, light bulbs, mirror glass.
  • Separate by color (clear, brown & green).


  • Rinse clean.
  • Other aluminum may also be deposited.

Steel/Tin Cans

  • Rinse clean
  • Flatten, if possible to conserve space.
  • Empty aersol cans are also accepted.Scrap Metal
  • Scrap metal items will also be accepted at the recycling center.

Plastic #1 & #2 Bottles

#1 & #2 Bottles only.

No pails or wide mouth containers are accepted.

  • Rinse clean.
  • Remove caps.
  • Flatten to conserve space. Un-rinsed food containers are a health hazard because they attract insects and rodents. 

Other Recylable Materials 

  • Used automotive oil and used automotive batteries will be accepted at the center for no charge.


      • Waste tires are accepted for a fee based on size.
      • Passenger $2
      • Truck Tire $5
      • TractorTire $15

Carpet padding & Cushions

      • The Recycling Center accepts used urethane carpet and seat cushions.
      • No waffle type padding is accepted.


      • Computer items will be accepted for a fee at the recycling center.


      • Appliances will be accepted at the center for a fee.
      • Air conditioners and refrigerators $15
      • All other appliances $10

The following appliances have been banned from the Wisconsin landfills and will be accepted at the Recycling Center.  Residents are responsible for the fees.

Refrigerators Freezers
Dehumidifers Ovens
Dryers Furances
Dishwashers Microwaves
washers Air Conditioners
Water heaters Disposal
Trash compactors Heat pumps

Demolition waste in NOT accepted at the Recycling Center.

For disposal contact Waste Management 866-542-2124 or Seven Mile Landfill: (715) 830-0284

Garbage Disposal

Town residents should contact a garbage hauler in the area or their town clerk for information regarding garbage disposal options.  Republic Services 800-542-2124 or Waste Management 866-745-9476 or Swift Disposal 877-95WASTE.

For more information please call:
Town of Sampson Clerk: (715) 967-2050
Chippewa County Recycling Program: (715) 726-7999