Road Bans

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                                                                               Temporary Weight Limit Ban

                                                                                             Road Bans

In accordance with sec 349.15-17 WI Statutes, the Sampson Town Board hereby gives notice that a temporary gross weight limit of ten (10) tons for vehicles will be in effect on all Town of Sampson roadways, effective  Monday, March 8th 2021.  The 10 ton limit will run concurrent with the dates of Chippewa County Highway Department road bans.

Special Meeting 8 March 2021




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Sampson Town Board will hold a Special Meeting on Monday, March 8 1:00 P.M.

The special meeting will be held at the Sampson Town Hall located at 10770 270th Ave New Auburn WI.  The Board will immediately go into closed session. The purpose of the closed meeting is to review applications for the appointed Clerk/Treasurer position and to arrange for interviews.

No other business will be discussed at this meeting.


Ad for Clerk/Treasurer position

Applications being accepted

for the Clerk/Treasurer Position

Town of Sampson, Chippewa County

      The Town of Sampson Referendum was passed on the Nov 3rd General Election ballot, allowing the Sampson Town Board to appoint a Clerk/Treasurer.  The Wisconsin State Statues section 60.33 and 60.34 covers the statutory duties as well as duties contained in the Town of Sampson employee handbook.

The Position would require a basic knowledge of WORD processing and use of EXCEL Spreadsheets. Experience with cash basis accounting including balancing bank accounts and town books on a monthly basis, preparing payroll, ensuring all bills are paid in a timely manner and all receipts are posted as required.

As per State Statue 70.67 applicant must have the ability to obtain a Municipal Treasurer Bond in the performance of tax collection duties.   Applicant will be required to maintain an updated website. Applicant must be willing to use their personal vehicle in performance of their duties. They must be willing to attend various training sessions either in person or through WEBINARS.  Applicants must perform duties at the Clerk’s office located at the town hall and keep all records at the town hall.

Individual must be able to work on their own with limited supervision and must ensure that all Federal, State and County reports are submitted in a timely manner.

The applicant does not have to reside in the Town of Sampson.  Applications can be received by calling the town hall at 715-967-2050.  Resumes would be helpful in the selection process.  Applicants will be informed of time of interviews from 9-12 March 2021.   The job will commence on Tuesday, 21 April 2021.  Training will be offered prior to that date.  Salary and hours will be discussed during interviews. Applications must be received no later than 5 March 2021 and may be emailed to or mailed to:

Town of Sampson

 Town Board

10040 270th Ave

New Auburn WI 54757