The town of Sampson has 71 miles of town roads. Most of these are paved but several are gravel. Every effort is made to keep the roads in good repair however funds are limited so priorities have to be made. The roads are maintained by one full time road patrolman with occasional help from one part time worker. Road emergencies should be reported to the town chairperson, currently Darla Butterfield, at 715-967-2829; or our road patrolman, currently Randy Sarauer, at 715-933-2006. Road emergencies are considered anything that blocks or endangers the use of the road such as trees down, washouts, or missing stop signs. If no contact can be made with these two officials, the Chippewa County Sheriff’s office should be notified. All non-emergency matters concerning roads should be called in to the town shop phone at 715-967-2200. A message can be left.