01/08/2024 Agenda


Town of Sampson Agenda for Regular Meeting
Monday, January 8th, 2023, 6:00 pm
10770 270th Ave New Auburn WI

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
4. Approval of Agenda
5. Public Input – (Limited to 5 minutes per person)
6. Approve Minutes of December 11th regular meeting and the January 3rdth Special Meeting
7. Financial Report
8. Treasurer’s Report
9. Set Date for Next Meeting
10. Reports
a. Clerk/Treasurer report
b. Road patrolman report
c. New Auburn Fire Report
11. Old Business
a. Discussion and possible action on FICA alternative
b. Discussion and possible action on approving operator’s license
12. New Business
a. Report on Chippewa County Town Road Improvement Committee and Forestry Grant Award
b. Discussion and possible action on Woodburning Facility
c. Discussion and possible action on employee handbook
13. Other Administrative Matters
a. Next Meeting Agenda Items
b. Authorize Payment of Bills
14. Adjournment